Delivery to your door from Leicestershire Air Guns

Due to Government Laws many items including air guns, air rifles, air pistols and silencers must be sold, face to face basis from a Registered Firearms Dealer (RFD).

Below is content that will hopefully clear up any uncertainties you have on delivery but please don't hesitate to get in touch if you are still left unsure.~

Minimum Orders
Please note we have a minimum order of £150 per delivery, this can be on one item or on the total transaction.

Airgun Orders

As an RFD, we can deliver any of this range of items directly to your door if you live in mainland of England. We offer this personal door to door delivery service of Airguns for the competitive price of £19.99 giving you the option of getting yourself a new air rifle even if you cant get to your local store yourself.

Delivery Times

Once your order has been placed you will receive a confirmation email, all orders will be collected the following Monday by our delivery staff and you will then receive a phone call and arrange a delivery time that best suits your needs.
You will also receive an email to confirm the arranged delivery date and time.

When our driver arrives at your address, you will be need to sign a form that states you have received what you have ordered and are happy with your products.

Delivery Locations

You can order your airguns, air rifles, air pistols online in the UK if you live in anywhere accessible by van. We currently deliver 50 miles vicinity from our Leicestershire store.

         FAC ORDERS
  1. A customer wants to place an order with us either via the website We request to see their licence first, before an order is delivered. This means a customer seeking to place an order for any FAC rifle is required to send their original licence in to us to: 1) prove this is valid and that the customer is able to purchase what they’re seeking to purchase; and 2) for us to complete their licence with all the relevant data. All the relevant columns on the licence will be filled in by our sales team, in the office, before the order is processed. The licence will be returned to the customer, along with their goods and receipt, on the arranged delivery date.

  2. Once we receive the customer’s original licence, we check the following :
    • This is the customer ordering, who also holds the licence, so the name needs to match, along with the address they are using for the billing, as well as the delivery address.
    • The licence is in date and therefore valid.
    • The licence has been signed by the customer (if not, then they must sign the licence and resend a copy to us before an order is processed).
    • The customer is actually allowed to purchase this product from us. For example: 1) if they want to purchase 700 x 22LR rounds, but their licence only allows for 500, then they can buy only 500; 2) If they are looking to purchase another rimfire or centrefire, they must have an open slot on the licence for this rifle, which is the correct calibre. If any of the above is not correct, then the order will not even begin to be processed. Once all the above criteria are correct, we can process the order, take payment, and arrange for the goods to be delivered.