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Beeman 1358 .22 PCP Airgun

Beeman 1358 .22 PCP Airgun

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                  New, boxed Beeman 1358 .22 PCP Airgun

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                  BRAND : Beeman

                  The Beeman Under Lever is a PCP air rifle with a unique cocking method that lets you get options that are normally reserved for a more expensive air rifle in a budget friendly package instead. It reaches speeds of up to 1050 fps in .177 and 880 fps in .22 and has plenty of power for small game hunting, plinking, and pest control.

                  What makes this air rifle so special is the operation, which is an underlever you'll find in the bottom of the forearm. Simply pull it down and backward to cock the gun, then push it back up into the stock to seat the pellet and close the bolt. Along with the stock design, this means you'll find it fast and easy to cock whether you shoot left handed or right handed.

                  Aside from the underlever, one of the first things you'll notice is the attractive ambidextrous thumbhole stock shaped out of European wood to make the rifle sturdy. It doesn't weigh too much, because it's a bullpup design, so it's still light and short compared to other air rifles with similar levels of power and accuracy, and you won't get as tired carrying it on a long day in the forest or field.

                  The air rifle has a quick disconnect port and an onboard pressure gauge in the stock for easy filling, and a rubber buttpad to give you added comfort and a stable hold. The package includes a Beeman 4x32 scope and rings, and there's a Picatinny scope rail and two Picatinny accessory rails on the sides below it so you can add lasers or lights.

                  If you want a PCP air rifle with underlever action and a European wood stock at an affordable price, get the Beeman Under Lever at Airgun Depot now.

                  Beeman Under Lever Features:

                  • PCP
                  • Repeater
                  • Underlever action
                  • Max velocity: 1050 fps (.177), 880 fps (.22)
                  • European wood ambidextrous thumbhole stock
                  • 3000 psi max pressure
                  • Magazine capacity: 12-round (.177), 10-round (.22)
                  • Shrouded barrel
                  • Integrated pressure gauge
                  • Rubber buttpad
                  • 3 Picatinny rails for scopes and accessories
                  • Includes 4x32 Beeman scope and rings
                  • Male quick disconnect fill fitting
                  • Weight: 7.4 lbs.
                  • Overall length: 29.25"

                                  The Beeman 1358 .22 PCP Airgun is new and boxed 

                                  Brand : Beeman
                                  Condition : New


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