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Brocock Ghost Plus .22 PCP Airgun

Brocock Ghost Plus .22 PCP Airgun

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New, boxed Brocock Ghost Plus .22 PCP Airgun

TAG       : Brocock Ghost Plus .22 PCP Airgun
BRAND : Brocock

The new BRK Ghost sets new standards in power and accuracy – and is the first model to sport Brocock’s new BRK identity.

The BRK Ghost incorporates the very latest PCP tech, and is built around a titanium-coloured chassis to maximize rigidity and accuracy. Thanks to a quick and easy interchangeable barrel system, the BRK Ghost’s caliber can be swapped in minutes.

The Ghost is filled with the latest in performance technology including a stainless steel, balanced firing valve, an external adjustable Huma regulator, and adjustable hammer system working in harmony with the 20 step tuning wheel to dial in the best accuracy.

Multi-shot magazine fed air rifles are not new, but the Ghost gives the option to double stack the magnetically attached magazine units for double the shot count. The vertical AK grip can be changed to accommodate personal taste and purpose.

Supplied with a hard case, the BRK Ghost has a many desirable features: a fully adjustable, match-style trigger, fully-shrouded barrel with a ½ in UNF thread for an additional silencer, cross-bolt manual safety, adjustable Picatinny scope rail and three additional accessory rails.

  • Carbon shroud
  • Exclusive OEM Huma
  • Trigger set competition accuracy and performance
  • Rail increased MOA angle to improve scope adjustment
  • Rail possibility to fit in the preferred position adjustable on the horizontal slide
  • Dual tone titanium / black mono frame shows the high tech
  • Interchangeable barrel system
  • Lightweight

                          The Brocock Ghost Plus .22 PCP Airgun is new and boxed 

                          Brand : Brocock
                          Condition : New


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