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Crosman ST-1 CO2 4.5mm Airgun

Crosman ST-1 CO2 4.5mm Airgun

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New, boxed Crosman ST-1 CO2 4.5mm Airgun

TAG       : Crosman ST-1 CO2 4.5mm Airgun
BRAND : Crosman

The Crosman ST-1 CO2 BB Rifle is a futuristic tactical BB gun that would look at home in a science fiction series of movies and TV shows about battles in space. 

Aside from its looks, this BB gun is unique because it allows shooters to use it as a long tactical airgun with the butt stock and barrel extender attached, a smaller profile carbine with the barrel extender removed, or a shorter tactical air pistol with those two pieces removed. This enables a single air gun to fulfill multiple functions, so shooters get extra value out of their purchase.

The Crosman ST-1 shoots .177 caliber steel BBs from its 25-round drop free magazine and a high-capacity 300-round BB reservoir with built in speed loader simplifies reloading the magazine and reduces downtime. The tactical stock features an ergonomic textured pistol grip and a textured forward grip for comfort and control, and the ridged rubber buttpad on the removable buttstock gives shooters a repeatable hold.

For accuracy when aiming, this select-fire BB gun comes with a red dot sight, and shooters can add a scope or other sighting device to the long picatinny optics rail. In addition, forearm picatinny accessory rails on both sides and the bottom provide attachment points for items such as tactical flashlights, lasers, and bipods.

To get an airgun that converts from a tactical experience to a compact BB pistol for exciting target shooting and backyard plinking, buy a Crosman ST-1 CO2 BB Rifle today

    • Full-auto or semi-auto
    • Uses .177 caliber BBs
    • 25-round drop free magazine
    • Modular design allows user to operate the gun in three configurations
    • High-capacity 300-round reservoir and speed loader built into the magazine
    • Quick detach barrel extender (adds 9.375" of barrel length)
    • Barrel length with barrel extender: 15.5"
    • Barrel length without barrel extender: 6.125"
    • Overall length with barrel extender and buttstock extended: 33"
    • Overall length without barrel extender and buttstock removed: 17.75"
    • Two position adjustable buttstock
  • Removable buttstock

      The Crosman ST-1 CO2 4.5mm Airgun is new and boxed and includes scope 

      Brand : Crosman
      Condition : New


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