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FX DRS Walnut .177 PCP Airgun

FX DRS Walnut .177 PCP Airgun

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New, boxed FX DRS Walnut .177 PCP Airgun

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The DRS Classic and is available in two stunning options, sleek and rugged black synthetic soft-touch stock for the modern adventurer and a timeless Minelli walnut stock for those who appreciate classic elegance. For the bold and practical shooter, the black synthetic soft touch stock offers a cutting-edge aesthetic combined with a comfortable feel. Crafted with precision, this stock is not just about style, it’s built to endure the demands of the outdoors. The soft-touch finish provides a secure grip, ensuring confidence in every shot. On the other hand, the Minelli walnut stock version pays homage to tradition and craftsmanship.

Immerse yourself in the rich and luxurious feel of genuine Italian made walnut stock. The warmth and character of the wood elevate your shooting experience, making every moment with the FX DRS Classic an affair of timeless sophistication. Whether you choose the modern appeal of the black synthetic soft-touch stock or the timeless charm of the Minelli walnut stock, the FX DRS Classic promises a lightweight and easy to carry hunting rifle that doesn’t compromise on features.

Perfect for both seasoned hunters and competitive shooters, this air rifle isn’t only about looks and also offers the important features you come to expect from a modern air rifle. The FX DRS classic comes out of the box with a smooth side lever action, a mini magazine, the flexibility to tailor the trigger unit to your exact preferences and a 11 mm dovetail rail. Upgrade options, including a match-grade trigger system, picatinny rails, plenums, barrel lengths etc. offer a personalized touch for every shooter.

  • Smooth sidelever cocking system
  • Consistent power and accuracy
  • Superior STX Liner barrel
  • High shot count
  • Mini magazine – depth of 11.3mm
  • Fully adjustable trigger (optional Match Grade upgrade)
  • Modular/Short Impulse Valve and AMP MKII Regulator
  • 11mm Dovetail optics rail, (optional Picatinny upgrade)
  • Total length – 930mm
  • Barrel length – 500mm
  • Magazine – 16 rounds (.177) / 14 rounds (.22)
  • 208cc air capacity and a Charging Pin Probe Style
  • Fill Pressure – 230BAR
  • Walnut stock
  • Weight – 2.3kg


The FX DRS Walnut .177 PCP Airgun is new and boxed 

Brand : FX
Condition : New


FX DRS Walnut .177 PCP Airgun for sale from Leicestershire Airguns,
Leicestershire Airguns is a Leicester based company.

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