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Hatsan AT-44 .177 PCP Airgun Package

Hatsan AT-44 .177 PCP Airgun Package

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New, boxed Hatsan AT-44 .177 PCP Airgun

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BRAND : Hatsan

The AT44 is a great pre-charged pneumatic air rifle from Hatsan in Turkey.

The AT44 features an easy-to-remove, quick-fill air cylinder and an in-built pressure gauge, so you always know how much air is in the cylinder. The steel barrel is precision rifled and screw cut with a ½ inch UNF thread for easy fitment of a silencer. This model features a thumb-hole synthetic stock, which is very comfortable to hold and finely balanced.

The Hatsan AT44 rifle has an anti-knock feature, which helps prevent gas loss when it's bounced or knocked. The two-stage adjustable trigger can be finely tuned for a crisp let off, and the side handle cocking lever is smooth through cocking and reloading. The auto safety makes this a very safe rifle.

The 10-shot magazine helps with fast and easy reloading, and is simple and easy to use. There are other great features, too, like the detachable air cylinder and grooved breach for 11mm and 22mm scope mounts. And the anti-double-load feature, which is incorporated into the rifle, prevents pellets from getting jammed in the barrel. The breech is grooved for both 11mm and 22mm scope mounts for great flexibility.

        The bundle includes Hatsan AT-44 Airgun, 3-9X50 Scope and filling probe.

        The Hatsan AT-44 .177 PCP Airgun is new and boxed 

        Brand : Hatsan
        Condition : New


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