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RTI Priest 2 .177 PCP Airgun

RTI Priest 2 .177 PCP Airgun

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New, RTI Priest 2 .177 PCP Airgun

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This is a small-sized pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) airgun that is known for its high accuracy and power despite its compact design. Unlike other air rifles, this gun comes in multiple calibres, including 4.5 (.177), 5.5 (.22), 6.35 (.25), and 7.62 (.30), and even has an arrow barrel option. This wide range of calibres from RTI Arms air rifles makes it a versatile airgun that can cater to different shooting needs.

The Priest 2 is an exceptional choice for hunting or as a "backpack buddy" due to its lightweight and compact design. It is particularly suitable for long-range shooting, thanks to its high accuracy. The air rifle is available with either an aluminium or carbon fibre air bottle. The latter is lighter by 200g, providing better balance and more shots per fill. This feature enhances the rifle's usability and performance in the field.

The RTI primary focus when designing the RTI Priest 2 was to make it compact and lightweight. The RTI Arms Priest model, for instance, has a length of 710mm and a weight of only 3kg when equipped with the bottle, and 2.1kg without it. Thanks to its intelligent design, the bottle can be easily carried on your waist, while being connected to the rifle using a highly flexible high-pressure hose. Additionally, it boasts one of the lowest profiles in its class, with a distance of only 157mm from the rail to the bottom of the grip.

Cocking the RTI Priest 2 handle allows you to quickly cock the rifle, because of the smartly designed and positioned cocking mechanism which is on the left front side of the RTI Priest 2. This enables you to never remove your finger from the trigger. Straight pull speeds up your cocking action because all you need to do is pull the handle straight back and return it to its original position. RTI Priest 2 comes with a 320cc buddy bottle which has a working pressure of 300 bar. On top of it, it has a pressure regulator which is by default set to 125bar. This combination allows us to make a whole lot of consistent shots.

  • Straight pull action
  • Ambidextrous magazine
  • Adjustable trigger
  • Regulated
  • Aluminium bottle
  • Standard barrel length: 24"
  • Compact barrel length: 20"


The RTI Priest 2 Compact .177 PCP Airgun is new and boxed 

Brand : RTI
Condition : New


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