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Sig Airguns

Sig Airguns Sig Sauer P226 C02 .177 Air Pistol

Sig Airguns Sig Sauer P226 C02 .177 Air Pistol

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New, boxed Sig Airguns Sig Sauer P226 C02 .177 Air Pistol

TAG       : Sig Airguns Sig Sauer P226 C02 .177 Air Pistol
BRAND : Sig Airguns

This Sig Sauer CO2 pistol is a quality pellet-firing airgun. Produced by Sig Sauer themselves, this air pistol was designed to be as accurate as possible to the real thing. The construction is full metal, making the pistol robust and reliable and giving a realistic sense of weight and balance. The 22 mm weaver rail under the front of the barrel is designed to facilitate the attachment of lasers or torches. The action is semi-auto blowback, which is very precise and realistic, and the barrel is threaded for the fitting of a silencer or muzzle brake.

Chambered in .177 pellet, this CO2-powered, next-generation air pistol has been engineered specifically to closely measure up to the most popular SIG original model platforms around in terms of weight and handling as well as standards of performance. Features include 16-round 8×2 rotary magazine, a built-in Picatinny rail mount, a rifled steel barrel, and white dot sights. Perfected for practice with every advantage built-in, these airguns are the economic, authentic answer to training more often, more effectively.

This P226 Air Pistol puts seriously comparable handling within reach for more frequent inexpensive training, indoors or out.

  • Sig Sauer P226 Air Pistol
  • Co2 Powerd
  • Blow back
  • Belt fed mag
  • .177 Pellet firer

    The Sig Airguns Sig Sauer P226 C02 .177 Air Pistol is new and boxed. 

    Brand : Sig Airguns
    Condition : New


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