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Umarex Strike Point Pneumatic .22 Air Pistol

Umarex Strike Point Pneumatic .22 Air Pistol

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New, boxed Umarex Strike Point Pneumatic .22 Air Pistol

TAG       : Umarex Strike Point Pneumatic .22 Air Pistol
BRAND : Umarex

The Strike Point is a multi-pump air pistol, which makes it a pneumatic. It comes in .22 calibre. The manual gives the max velocity of 520 fps. That puts it right there with the Crosman 1377.

The manual says to use 2 pumps when shooting inside the house. For 10 meters it recommends 4 to 6 pumps. And 10 pumps is the recommended maximum. For those who are new to multi-pumps, when you over-pump the gun the air pressure inside doesn’t allow the valve to open all the way and the power decreases. At some point the gun fails to fire altogether and must be manually depressurized before it works again. This involves partial disassembly and is not safe for those unfamiliar with multi-pumps.

The pistol is large and all black synthetic on the outside. Only the trigger, bolt and rear sight are metal. The pistol weighs 2 lbs. 7-1/8 oz. on my postal scale. Also it is wide and high. You know you are holding something when you have the Strike Point in your hand. The front sight is a fiberoptic red dot surrounded by a stout plastic hood.

This amazingly quiet Umarex Strike Point is variable power, which mean you control its energy output by the number of pumps.

Caliber : .22
Power : Pump

    The Umarex Strike Point Pneumatic .22 Air Pistol is new and boxed. 

    Brand : Umarex
    Condition : New


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