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Walther Lever Action Gold Fargo .177 C02 Airgun

Walther Lever Action Gold Fargo .177 C02 Airgun

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New, boxed Walther Lever Action Gold Fargo .177 C02 Airgun

TAG       : Walther Lever Action Gold Fargo .177 C02 Airgun
BRAND : Walther

Step into a world where tradition meets innovation with the Walther Lever Action models. Picture this: the allure of a legendary American repeater seamlessly blended with cutting-edge CO₂ technology.

The substantial 88g CO₂ cartridge boasts a remarkable capacity, offering at least 450 shots with unwavering energy. As you handle this repeater, you’re transported back to the iconic Wild West – it operates just like the legendary original. A simple push forward of the lever advances the rotary magazine, simultaneously retracting the bolt and cocking the hammer.

A true American legend brought to life with German craftsmanship.

CO₂ Technology: The Walther Lever Action models merge tradition with innovation, incorporating advanced CO₂ technology for reliable performance.

High-Capacity Cartridge: Equipped with a substantial 88g CO₂ cartridge, the rifle ensures an impressive capacity of at least 450 shots, maintaining consistent energy levels.

Wild West Experience: Operating this repeater immerses users in the ambiance of the Wild West, replicating the iconic original lever action mechanism.

Efficient Rotary Magazine: The lever action not only enhances the Wild West feel but also efficiently moves the rotary magazine forward, seamlessly indexing to the next position.

Quality Craftsmanship: The Walther Lever Action boasts distinctive receiver options and a high-quality beech stock, marrying American legend with German precision and craftsmanship.

    The Walther Lever Action Gold Fargo .177 C02 Airgun is new and boxed.

    Brand : Walther
    Condition : New


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